Reviewing Things To Do In New York City

In New York, Broadway has become the must-visit attraction. It..

Reviewing Things To Do In New York City

In New York, Broadway has become the must-visit attraction. It provides everything from major theatrical performances transformed into musicals to classics enjoyed by millions. The attraction offers live concerts and breathtaking shows for everyone. The following are a few of the Broadway Shows Playing New York NYC soon you’ll want to see.

Wicked on Broadway

Wicked is an amazing take on the classic Wizard of Oz story. The story focuses more on the tale of the wicked witch of the west and how she becomes friends with Glenda the good witch of the North. The Broadway sensation is filled with live action and an impressive score. The tale of their rivalry explores many aspects of the original story long before the entrance of Dorothy and Toto. It also explores the origins of the wizard himself.

The Phantom of the Opera

The timeless classic written by Andrew Lloyd Webber depicts a lonely phantom who haunts the French opera house. He falls in love with a new muse, Christine, and teaches her everything she needs to know about becoming an opera star. However, Christine finds a new love, and the jealous phantom tries to exact his revenge. The musical has become a mainstay on Broadway spanning many decades. Among the musical sensations who have depicted the infamous phantom was Michael Crawford.

The Amazing Rocktopia

The musical is features on Broadway for a limited engagement. It has grown in popularity since the PBS special. It features iconic rock music throughout the 20th century including such artists as Journey, Queen, and Led Zepplin. The amazing extravaganza offers a blend of classical music as well as rock and roll with its own spin on poetic lyrics. The groundbreaking concert offers Rob Evan, Chloe Lowery, and Tony Vincent to name a few of opera’s powerhouse vocalists who will perform.

In New York, Broadway remains one of the city’s many, ever-popular attractions. Throughout its history, world-renowned singers and artists have presented masterpieces to patrons from all over the world. The theater remains a must-visit attraction and continues to present visitors with awe-inspiring shows. To learn more about Broadway’s upcoming line-up, visit their website right now.